Laundry Room Organization Tips

So, I was preparing to tackle one of my own home organization tasks and organize my laundry room, because it was in complete disarray and thought I would share some of my laundry room organization tips with you!

For starters, it seems we all need more space right? Well a simple and easy solution to that one is to install some shelves.  If you don’t have additional cabinets above your washer and dryer then adding some wire shelving or wooden shelves will help give you some much needed space.

I installed a long wire rack above my machines so I can put my laundry detergent, dryer sheets, iron and other miscellaneous items above them.  If you have room to the left or right of your machine you can also install shelves there. I am vertically challenged and so I need to be able to access certain things regularly and so having shelves lower and to the right or left of the washer and dryer really  help.

Make use of the space next to your machines.

To organize my laundry room I make sure every area is maximized.  I have a little bit of room to the left of my washing machine and so I store my clothes  drying rack (look up) and ironing board at the side of the washer. That way it is easily accessible and clearly in the most obvious place.

Invest in a few plastic storage boxes.  I love these things because they are so versatile. I use  the plastic storage boxes to store all my cleaning cloths,  my delicates bags and any clothes pegs I have laying around.  I never have  to go scrounging for a cleaning cloth because they are always in the box.

Use of the space next to your machines. Image: Pixabay

Use of the space next to your machines. Image: Pixabay

I know this will sound very basic, but I didn’t have one  there until a short time ago. Buy a trash can to keep in your laundry area for little things like lint or washed receipts that you find in the pockets afterward. I find that whenever someone else does the laundry and cleans  the lint screen on the dryer, somehow they forget where the trash can is in the  kitchen.

I don’t understand it, it’s never moved but somehow they forget it’s there. I don’t have a lot of room in my laundry area and so I purchased a small little trash can to keep at the side. If you are really limited on space, I’ve found that taking a small trash bag, typically the ones you used in the bathroom trash can works really well.

You can either hang it on a hook or a nail, or if you already have some wire shelving, just tie it around one of the wires where it’s easily accessible.  At least this way if someone else leaves the lint on top of the dryer you don’t have to go far to throw it away.

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